From Comebacks To Children: BLACKPINK Reveals Where They See Each Other In 20 Years

They’ll still be close after 20 years.

BLACKPINK had a blast looking back and forward at their lives in their documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky. Released on October 14, it was a special opportunity for BLINKs to know the four members in greater detail.

| Netflix

Possibly one of their most poignant moments was towards the end of the documentary when BLACKPINK described where they see each other in twenty years. Jisoo readily stated that she expects Lisa to be sightseeing by then.

I feel like Lisa would be travelling around the world.

— Jisoo

| Netflix

After noting that they’d be mature women in their early forties after two decades, they excitedly wondered if they’d be married.

Jennie: Do you think we’ll all be married by then?

Rosé: Of course! It’s 40…Like, come on!

When it comes to children, they’re open for the possibility! As Rosé surmised, “We’d have babies by then. 40, 44 years old?”

Another likelihood for the girls was to get hitched after twenty years.

We could also get married later in life. No newborns.

— Rosé

Even while focusing on themselves and their families, they brought up the possibility of returning to the music scene later on: “Aren’t we going to make a comeback?”

This is even more meaningful than usual as K-Pop groups tend to have an “expiration date” on them, with many disbanding after their contract ends. For BLACKPINK, however, they still see themselves performing even decades after their debut…even if their bodies aren’t as healthy.

If you want to get a sneak peek of the documentary, check out the full trailer below.