Comedian Kim Shin Young Reveals She Once Lived In A Vinyl House Due To Poverty

“I think all of those experiences nurtured my comedy…”

Unfortunately, where and to whom you were born will often impact how successfull you will be.

There are, however, cases of those who were born from severe poverty that, through hard work and determination, become incredibly successful.

Comedian Kim Shin Young is one of those cases.

The beloved comedian stopped by You Quiz On The Block to tell her story.

Kim Shin Young spoke of how poor she was when she was young. When she was a child, she had moved over sixty times when she was just an adolescent. She stated she even once had to live in a makeshift home made of vinyl.

In my childhood, I moved over sixty times. When my dad’s business went awry, we even moved into a vinyl house.

— Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young’s family was so poor she was eventually forced to live with her relatives apart from her father. She once even lived alone without anyone to take care of her.

I was sent to Mokpo to live with my maternal grandmother and then sent to Chungdo to live with my paternal grandparents, until once I even lived alone.

— Kim Shin Young

The comedian confessed that she had resented her father for a long time due to the hardship. But now realize that those hardships helped shape her into the comedian that she is today.

At the time, I really resented my father, but now I think all of those experiences nurtured my comedy. I don’t blame my upbringing. Instead I think it is because of it that I am here today. Who else can say they lived like that?

— Kim Shin Young

She stated the loneliness she endured sparked her longing to make others laugh and that seeing her friends laugh at her jokes brought her the biggest joy.

I once lived with my father at a fishing spot for five days, but now that time has passed, it’s a source of comedy. When I was younger, I was happiest when my friends would gather around me laughing, and I longed to make others laugh in an environment that wasn’t funny.

— Kim Shin Young

The comic then reiterated it is the same longing to make others laugh that has propelled her to superstardom.

I like this job because it fills you up when you are lonely and alone.

— Kim Shin Young

First making her debut in 2004 through SBS’s legendary sketch comedy show People Looking For A Laugh, comedian Kim Shin Young would go on to become one of Korea’s funniest and most beloved comics. The comedian has won many awards for her comedy and has won the ‘Best Variety Performer’ at the 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kim Shin Young | SBS

In 2022 Kim Shin Young surprised audiences with her performance in the movie Decision To Leave, which was directed by legendary Korean director Park Chan Wook. The director won the Cannes Film Award for best director at the 2022 Cannes Film Award.

Park Hae Il (left) Kim Shin Young (right) | Insight

In the film, Kim Shin Young plays Yeon Su, a rookie detective that helps detective Hae Jun (Park Hae Il) solve a mysterious murder. The actress received praise for her acting and her chemistry with Park Hae Il.

| Hankyung

It seems Kim Shin Young, who has succeeded in becoming one of Korea’s biggest comedians, still has a lot more she wants to accomplish, and we’re here for it!

Source: MBC