Comedian Lee Se Young Gets Surgery After Years Of Malicious Comments Targeting Her Looks

“I was unable to overcome my insecurities…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Comedian Lee Se Young is well known for her quick wit and hilarious personality. Although beautiful in her own way, she didn’t fit the controversial beauty standard set by society and decided to make a personal change in her outer appearance.

Through her personal YouTube channel YPTV, Lee Se Young took viewers along with her on her journey of getting double eyelid surgery.

In a previous video uploaded back in November 2020, the comedian discussed her insecurity and the hurt she received from the constant malicious comments about her looks. She first shared the top 5 comments that hurt her the most.

“You look like a man”, “You’re ugly”, “Are you going to be able to get married?”, “What does your mom and dad look like for someone to look like that?”.

The most recent and most shocking was that my eyes were shaped like 10:10 because they were slanted upward in that way.

—  Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young then shared that she tried different methods to upgrade her looks, which actually garnered a positive response from the public.

I actually lost a lot of weight and I also started to study make-up. I started to put on make-up whenever I would go out and that’s when I started hearing “Oh wow, you’ve gotten pretty” or “Your face changed”, which I was grateful for.

— Lee Se Young

She revealed, however, that her deeply rooted insecurities in addition to the malicious comments ultimately influenced her decision to go through with the double eyelid surgery.

I was unable to overcome my insecurities and so that’s why I decided to get double eyelid surgery. I already chose a hospital.

— Lee Se Young

Fast forward to the her most recent upload on YPTV where Lee Se Young took viewers along with her on the day of her double eyelid surgery. Her boyfriend, who she shares the YouTube channel with, was her personal cameraman for the entire journey.

What day is it today? Let’s say a final goodbye (to these eyes)… double eyelid surgery!

— Lee Se Young

She then informs all her viewers of what necessary steps she has to go through before she goes into the operation room.

Alright now, I’m going to take some pictures and go consult with the doctor. I’ll be back.

— Lee Se Young

Viewers can see the comedian patiently waiting in a waiting room, where she further discusses about the next steps that will come.

Now the surgeon will come, and we’ll talk about the design of my eyes together. I want double eyelids and for my eyes to open wider, like this.

— Lee Se Young

Finally, she goes into the operation room and awhile later… Lee Se Young emerged in front of the camera with her post-op eyelids.

Everyone, it’s done.

— Lee Se Young

From their comments, it seems that netizens are already anticipating amazing results just from seeing her eyes after surgery.

| YouTube
  • “Wow daebak. I think she’s going to be really pretty!”
  • “I’m not saying this just to say it but I really think it came out well. I think it might be the best…? I’m so curious as to what it’ll look like when she’s not swollen. I’ll await your future video!”
  • “Se Young-nim, she had long eyes and didn’t have a lot of fat on her eyelids so I think her double eyelid surgery might have the best results…just looking at her you can tell she’s so pretty”
  • “It’s right after her surgery and you can already tell how well it turned out…unnie you were beautiful before but now I don’t think anyone will be able to look at you after…I’ll look forward to your future videos after you heal. You did well!”
  • “Whoa I think it turned out really f**king well…I don’t think I’ve ever thought double eyelid surgery looked good right after the surgery”
  • “I think she’s going to be super f**king pretty…I’m so curious I want to see it fast”
| Naver

While she was already beautiful before her surgery, the most important aspect of her journey is her own happiness. If you want to follow along her journey, watch the entire video down below!

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