Comedian Lee Seung Yoon Reveals He Is A BTS ARMY And Fans Are Loving It

Welcome to the BTS ARMY!

Comedian Lee Seung Yoon recently posted photos of himself with his new BTS BE album and had ARMYs excited to see him become a fan.

“It finally arrived! Life Goes On #BTS #BE.”

“I met a writer ARMY on my way to work today. They knew I was coming and prepared a shirt with V on it. They made the shirt themselves. Thank you so much. I was touched!”

Fans wondered if he also joined Weverse as a fellow ARMY. “I think he could be on Weverse too?”

Lo and behold, he was! “Yes I am here…haha.”

He let everyone know on Weverse that he did indeed join the community. “Yes it really is me. Nice to meet you all. Borahae!”

Fans welcomed him with open arms.

ID Hertz: Lee Seung Yoon you are so cute~
ID natural_man: Thanks for welcoming me. I am so glad I became ARMY. I’m off to sleep now. ARMYs have to be happy always, okay.”

A fan asked on Instagram if the ID ‘natural_man’ was really him on Weverse and he let them know that it truly was him!

Looking at his ARMY membership, it looks like he officially became and ARMY on September 5!

You can tell he is a true ARMY just by looking at his posts! He posted a video of him singing “Dynamite” and showed his version of “expectation vs reality”.

You can also see in his signature for autographs he includes “ARMY forever Bangtan forever” and “I am happy that I am an ARMY” next to his name!

Let’s all welcome Lee to the BTS ARMY!

Source: theqoo