Comedian Nam Hee Seok Continues To Shame Kim Goo Ra For “Destroying” Hoobae Comedians

“He shouldn’t be doing this, you know.”

On July 29, veteran comedian Nam Hee Seok publicly attacked Radio Star‘s host and TV personality Kim Goo Ra for having “a really rude attitude” toward guests on the show.

Nam Hee Seok on “Radio Star”

The Facebook post went viral — though shortly after being shared, it got deleted. When netizens grew curious as to why Nam Hee Seok “acted out“, the comedian clarified himself yet again with another post.

| @namheeseok/Facebook

In the second post, Nam Hee Seok said, “This is not me acting out on a whim.”

Hey, so… this is not me acting out on a whim. I’ve kept my eyes on Kim Goo Ra for years now. I thought this through before posting on Facebook. You can look up past clips and you’ll find plenty of proof.

— Nam Hee Seok

He clarified that the original post had been removed “to save the Radio Star producer from controversy.”

The reports saying I deleted the post because it blew up are not true. I left the post up for like 20 minutes. I deleted it because I got worried about Producer K and wanted to save that person from controversy. I knew it went viral though. And if he wants to dispute, he can. I’ll bring some receipts. I mean, we’re all in the same business. And it’s not like I talk to him personally. And I’ll even let him mock this whole situation on Radio Star like he does. He’ll probably be like, ‘Oh I won’t turn my back anymore’ or whatever. And that’s fine.

— Nam Hee Seok

Nam Hee Seok made it clear, though, that he does not approve of Kim Goo Ra’s behavior. He revealed that he has had “hoobae comedians come crying after they got humiliated on Radio Star by Kim Goo Ra.”

“Radio Star” Host Kim Goo Ra. | Radio Star

But I’ve had hoobae comedians who started getting some attention from their skits and comedy pieces go on Radio Star. And Kim Goo Ra would destroy them by humiliating them. They would come crying to me at night with their self-esteems completely bashed. He shouldn’t be doing this, you know. He should be kind to the weak.

— Nam Hee Seok

Since the open criticism, both parties have stated that they will “not get involved any further.” Meanwhile, Korean netizens are looking back at past episodes of Radio Star and reviewing Kim Goo Ra’s most controversial comments and actions.

  • “[Nam Hee Seok] is f*cking right. [Kim Goo Ra] would pick on the guests who are either less popular, less experienced, or young. He definitely bullied the weak.”
  • “I mean, we knew. Right? Kim Goo Ra has always been like that. I really hate that about him. He always crosses the line.”
  • “[Kim Goo Ra] has become pretty irreplaceable, I admit. But his rudeness, I simply cannot accept. Ever.”
  • “I think Nam Hee Seok did the right thing to point this out about Kim Goo Ra. I mean, someone has to tell the guy that what he’s doing ain’t right.”
  • “Seriously though. If you can’t make people pay attention to you without hurting someone else in the process… You’re not cut out to be a host.”
Source: THEQOO