Nam Hee Seok Publicly Attacks “Radio Star” Kim Goo Ra For His Bad Attitude With Guests On The Show

“When young guests appear on the show…”

Comedian and TV broadcaster, Nam Hee Seok publicly attacked MBC Radio Star‘s Kim Goo Ra for his bad attitude with guests on the show, and it’s gaining much attention online.

Nam Hee Seok took to his own Facebook account to criticize Kim Goo Ra.

On Radio Star, if a guest doesn’t suit his liking, Kim Goo Ra turns his back and sits with a frown on his face.

I know that’s his character, but that’s a really rude attitude.

That’s just him trying to maintain his own character and image.

For that reason, there are times when young guests appear on the show and they make an effort to gain his favor instead of those of the viewers.

-Nam Hee Seok

| @namheeseok/Facebook

Kim Goo Ra has stirred up controversy in the past for his harsh words and strict attitude with guests.


He has also been criticized for maintaining his cold character not only during his days on internet broadcast but on MBC’s Radio Star as well.

So Nam Hee Seok’s public attack on Kim Goo Ra has netizens talking.

One netizen expressed,

I feel so refreshed inside because he said something that I’ve been wanting to say all along.

– Netizen

On the other hand, another netizen refuted,

I don’t think it’s appropriate to criticize him in such a public manner when he could’ve just addressed it directly in a personal manner.

– Netizen

Nam Hee Seok has since then taken down the post.

Source: Dispatch