Comedian Park Na Rae Reveals Her Honest Opinion On Sex In Relationships

“Why date if you’re not going to do it?”

Comedian Park Na Rae is receiving a lot of attention for her recent appearance and honest talk on KBS Joy‘s new variety program, Story Survival.

Park Na Rae | @wooju1025/Instagram

The premise of the show is to talk about different situations in a “would you rather” type of game. The questions are sent in directly from the viewers of the program, creating a dynamic environment.

Poster for “Story Survival”, first episode will air 2/11 @ 8:30KST | KBS Joy

In the teasers, the hosts shocked viewers with their honest answers to some very interesting questions. One of the show’s hosts, comedian Park Ji Min, ponders the question, “Would you rather poop in the street for 300 million won ($27,000 USD) or receive 10 million won ($9,000 USD) to poop at home?”

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

After some hesitation, the comedian confidently answered the question.

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

I will confidently poop in the street for 3 million won. The reality is, life is all about money!

— Park Ji Min

In another teaser for the highly anticipated show, actress Hwang Bo Ra can be seen agonizing between her two options. Her choices were, “Would you rather find your partner’s underwear at your best friend’s place or find your best friend’s underwear at your partner’s place?” 

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

What a difficult question to answer! While the teaser doesn’t show viewers which option she decides on, it does capture the actress going through a bit of a mental breakdown as she tries to reach a conclusion.

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

Her thought process has stopped.

— Caption

It was the question and answer that Park Na Rae shared, however, which really made headlines in Korea. The two choices given to the comedian were, “Would you rather not converse with your partner for a year and only have physical intimacy or have a platonic relationship with no physical intimacy for a year?”

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

Park Na Rae didn’t hesitate to dish on what she thinks:

Isn’t this question too easy? If you’re physically intimate, is there a need for conversing? Is talking even important? The ‘conversation’ between two bodies is more important.

— Park Na Rae

She further elaborated her choice, completely shattering the norm of how Korean TV entertainment often tries to stay off topics like sex.

Still from “Story Survival” | KBS Joy

Why date if you’re not going to have sex?

— Park Na Rae

The first episode of KBS Joy’s new show, Story Survival, is set to premiere on February 11th at 8:30 KST. You can check out the teaser for Park Na Rae below.

Source: Chosun and Korea Business News