Comedian Park Soo Hong’s Parents Will Be Witnesses For His Trial — But They Are Testifying Against Him

Nobody knows what they will say.

It was recently revealed that the parents of comedian and TV personality Park Soo Hong will be witnesses at his trial against his older brother.

Park Soo Hong | @blackcatdahong/Instagram

On October 13, a trial will be held for Park Soo Hong’s older brother and his wife, who have been indicted on charges of violating the law for embezzlement. The older brother admitted to several of his crimes. It was revealed that Park Soo Hong’s parents will attend as witnesses. This was at the request of the older brother and his wife, and it was reported that Park Su Hong would not participate in the trial on this day.

Park Soo Hong attending a trial on March 15, 2023. | OSEN

Park Soo Hong’s legal representative preparing for the trial shared with OSEN that they are carefully considering what kind of testimony the parents will give. The legal representative added that they expected the parents to testify against Park Soo Hong.

Since they are witnesses requested by Park Soo Hong’s older brother, we expect them to give testimony favorable to the older brother. Park Soo Hong’s mother has never been investigated by the prosecution. Therefore, it is unpredictable what questions will be asked and what answers will be given. So, we will observe the results of the witness examination and plan how to respond.

— Park Soo Hong’s legal representative

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

The trial between Park Soo Hong and his older brother is about the charges of embezzlement amounting to a total of ₩61.7 million KRW (about $46,100 USD).

In the 7th trial held on August 9, Park Soo Hong’s youngest brother drew attention by attending. Unlike Park Soo Hong’s parents, who are on the older brother and wife’s side, the youngest brother has not expressed a specific stance. He had said in the trial that “ultimately, all this chaos happened because of [my] oldest brother” and that his family was able to “come this far because of Park Soo Hong’s efforts,” so he should not receive such treatment from the oldest brother.


It has been known for quite some time that Park Soo Hong does not have a good relationship with his family, especially his older brother and parents. He had appointed his older brother as his manager for about 30 years of his career, but it was reported that most of Park Soo Hong’s profits went to his brother’s family and nephew, thus leading to the lawsuit. Last year, Park Soo Hong was hospitalized after being assaulted by his father.

Source: OSEN