Comedian Yang Se Hyung Under Fire For Making Fun Of An Olympic Athlete’s Appearance

“All The Butlers” viewers found the comedian to be rude.

In the latest episode of All The Butlers, the show hosts got to meet the South Korean men’s sabre fencing team—also known as the “Avengers,” since their history-making play at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Athletes Kim Jung Hwan, Gu Bon Gil, Kim Jun Ho, and Oh Sang Uk taught the All The Butlers cast how to fence!

South Korean fencing athletes Gu Bon Gil (far left), Kim Jung Hwan (center left), Kim Jun Ho (center right), and Oh Sang Uk (far right). | Yonhap News

During the introductions, comedian Yang Se Hyung shared that the team has a  steadily growing fan base not only because of their incredible fencing skills but also because of their breathtaking visuals.

Fans are raving about how you all look like actors! They’re saying you made the Olympic games look like a movie, not a competition. Every single one of you look so dashing…

— Yang Se Hyung

While gushing over how much they look like movie stars, however, Yang Se Hyung poked fun at Kim Jung Hwan’s appearance.

…except for you, Kim Jung Hwan. You look more like the movie director! It’s like the three male leads and their coach.

— Yang Se Hyung

And though Kim Jung Hwan laughed it off playfully, All The Butlers viewers felt uncomfortable with the comedian’s comments.

| theqoo
  • “He really does not know how to read the room, huh.”
  • “I’ve never really liked him because he’s always crossing the line.”
  • “Oh, Se Hyung… That’s not funny. If, by any chance, it’s the script… Then the scriptwriter needs to understand that jokes like that don’t fly anymore.”
  • “He was f*cking rude. None of it was funny.”
  • “I don’t find that comment funny at all. It’s rude, that’s what it is.”
  • “I’ve always thought Yang Se Hyung can be on the rude side… but everyone liked him, so I thought I was the sensitive one. He has always been rude to everyone though. It’s hard to find him likable.”

In fact, as the online discussion grew more heated, the viewers came to agree that Yang Se Hyung had been “particularly more rude to Kim Jung Hwan” throughout the introduction. They condemned Yang Se Hyung for repeatedly commenting “Disgusting” at the length of Kim Jung Hwan’s arms—which the athlete showed off as what makes him good at fencing.

Ew, ew, ew. That’s kind of disgusting.

— Yang Se Hyung

Following the episode, Yang Se Hyung’s Instagram and the video on SBS‘s YouTube channel both received strong criticism for the behavior. Yang Se Hyung has not yet responded to the backlash.

Watch the full clip below.

Source: THEQOO, SBS Entertainment and @ysh6834