Competition For Best Actress At Blue Dragon Film Awards Bound To Be Fierce AF With These 5 Nominees

They’re all so worthy of the award…!

The nominees for the Best Actress Award at the 2019 Blue Dragon Film Awards have been announced and Korean viewers are truly excited. With each talented actress being nominated for her greatest hit movie yet, it is impossible to tell who will take home the award! K-Movie fans remain divided over who is the most worthy of the award… because frankly, all five of them really rocked their roles in these movies! Here are the nominees:


1. Go Ah Sung for “A Resistance”

In “A Resistance”, Go Ah Sung played the role of Yu Gwan Sun, one of the most praised independence activist in Korean history. To do her part in making the story of Yu Gwan Sun more known, Go Ah Sung took on the role at a fraction of what she usually gets paid to star in movies. Even as a low budget movie, “A Resistance” received a tremendous amount of attention and support for its effort to thoroughly capture the Korean independence movement and what the (female) activists had to face at the time.


2. Kim Hye Soo for “Default”

In “Default”, Kim Hye Soo played the fictional role of Han Si Hyun, who is an executive director of the Bank of Korea dispatched to the task force trying to prevent the Korean economy from falling apart in the face of IMF. While the movie is fictional, it is loosely based on the real series of events that took place in 1997 in Korea, as it faced major financial crisis on a national level. Kim Hye Soo once claimed in an interview, “The script made my blood rush, so I had to take on the role.”


3. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona for “Exit”

As a single idol-turned-actress nominee on the list, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona played the role of Jung Ui Joo in “Exit”. This movie is actually her first to have taken on a leading role, which makes the nomination that much more special for Yoona and her fans. She was praised for her talent, steadily upgraded throughout the years building her career as an actress.


4. Jeon Do Yeon for “Birthday”

In “Birthday” Jeon Do Yeon played the role of Soon Nam, a mother who lost her son to an accident that is based on the true event of the Sewol ferry sinking in 2014. Prior to its release, the movie raised concerns for using one of Korea’s worst disasters in a commercial way. However, the movie focused on the lives of the families left behind and Jeon Do Yeon’s heartbreaking portrayal of a bereaved mother ended up moving a lot of viewers.


5. Jo Yeo Jeong for “Parasite”

In “Parasite”, Jo Yeo Jeong played the role of Choi Yeon Gyo — a young, beautiful, and rich wife of a successful business man. K-Movie goers absolutely adored Jo Yeo Jeong’s acting in the movie and claim that this has become the peak of her career as an actress. The movie swept national and international film awards, including the Festival de Cannes, and continues to be discussed as one of the most successful films to have been produced by Bong Joon Ho.