Composer Reveals Story On How He Ended Up Working On BTS’s Hit Song “DOPE”

This song became a major hit!

earattack (Ahn Tae Seok) is a popular composer in the K-Pop industry and has worked with many groups from BTS, TWICE, Stray Kids, and more.

| @earattack/Instagram

Even before working with K-Pop idols, he also worked with many famous Korean artists such as Kim Jong Kook, Park Jung Hyun and his range in music covers R&B, ballad, OST, hip-hop, and more.

He has been in the Korean music industry sine 2008 and has been going down this road ever since.

With his knowledge of different types of music, he has been able to work with a myriad of artists that all have different styles. “I think it’s because I love music itself. I didn’t know many people when I first started this career, so I took in any type of work I got regardless of genre due to my love for music.”

He also revealed the back story on how became a part of the team to compose BTS’s popular track “DOPE.”

When I first met BTS, I thought they were a team with great energy. I got to work on “DOPE” just by coincidence and luck. I first met Bang Si Hyuk in the early 2000s while working with JYP. We didn’t keep in touch after that.

— earattack

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Then much later, a friend asked if I wanted to on a ‘top line’ track. I came up with a melody for it and it passed immediately. I usually have to edit and make revisions but this one went through in one try. Later, Bang asked, ‘It was you earattack?’

— earattack

It seems all his hard work paid off as he was lucky enough to take part in the history of BTS’s journey for creating music for healing!

Source: star news