Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto Shares Story Of Meeting BTS’s Suga

He could see just how passionate Suga was about music.

World-renowned Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto recently shared an anecdote about meeting BTS’s Suga in the final segment of How Many Full Moons Will I See In The Future. Sakamoto has been publishing a series of essays in the literary magazine, Shincho, with his latest issue revealing his feelings about meeting Suga.

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Although he is a top idol, when we talked, I felt he was a humble and cool young man who was serious about his music. It was to the point that I wondered if he had any other hobbies other than thinking about music.

Although their meeting was short, they were able to exchange musical views that transcended nationalities and generations. During this meeting, Suga revealed that he became interested in music after watching the movie, The Last Emperor, in which Ryuichi Sakamoto was the music director.

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Previously, Suga posted a video of him playing “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” on the piano, which is one of Sakamoto’s representative songs.

Sakamoto is a world-renowned musician who was the first Asian to win an Academy Music Award and Grammy Award. On the other hand, Suga is widely recognized for his musical work through various collaborations with both domestic and foreign artists.

Source: ytn