Conan Gray Freaks Out After BTS’s V Says He’s Inspired By His Music

MTV asked if he would ever collab with him, and he answered!

Just a few weeks ago, BTS held an interview with Rolling Stone, where they listed the artists who they’ve recently been inspired by. Among the many talented artists, BTS’s V specifically named American singer-songwriter, Conan Gray.

Q: What artists inspire you right now?

V: Conan Gray.

And of course, whenever BTS speaks, the world listens. And the news traveled to reach Conan Gray himself who took to Instagram to freak out about the shout out!

As soon as the interaction hit, MTV asked Conan Gray if he’d ever want to collab with BTS or V. Conan didn’t hesitate in expressing his excitement over the possibility.

He gave a shout out to V, claiming “Oh my gosh. Look. V. Taehyung. I love you. I love you so much. Let’s make a song. Please hit me up! I’ll write the saddest song for you ever, and we can have such a good time! I would adore that!

Conan also showered the rest of the members with love as he proved that he’s also just an ARMY! He knew just how hard it was to get tickets to BTS’s shows and confessed that he’d love to just see their shows in person!

“I love all those boys. They’re all just so so so talented and… I just honestly just want to see one of their shows. That’s what I want, please!”

— Conan Gray

Will V reach out to collab on “the saddest song ever” with Conan Gray? Will BTS hook him up with tickets to their upcoming tour? There’s nothing better than a sweet friendship in the making between two talented artists!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Conan Gray yet, check out on of his recent hits “Maniac” below!

Source: Rolling Stone