The Concept For The First K-Pop Girl Group Of 2023 Draws Mixed Reactions From Netizens

The upcoming group is already causing a stir online.

Recently, Metaverse Entertainment announced the upcoming debut of their first K-Pop girl group, MAVE:, which will also be the first K-Pop girl group to debut in the year 2023.

The group promises to “make a new wave” in the industry, which is where they get the name MAVE:, or “making waves.” MAVE: consists of four members, Marty, Siu, Tyra, and Zena, and they’ve released one concept photo so far.

The members wear a trendy futuristic cyberpunk streetwear mix in the photo while showing off their stunning visuals. If the group’s “unreal” visuals seem too good to be true, it’s because the members aren’t real. It was recently revealed that MAVE: is entirely comprised of AI members and is a collaboration between Kakao, a South Korean internet company, and Netmarble, which is a South Korean mobile game developer.

MAVE: | @MAVE_official_/Twitter

MAVE: isn’t the first fully AI group; In March 2021, an eleven-member AI girl group, Eternity, was launched by Pulse9, which was created entirely through the use of deep-fake technology developed by Pulse9.

Before Eternity, there was aespa, who was the first K-Pop group to debut with a metaverse concept in 2020, setting themselves apart with their intricate metaverse storyline.

aespa with their metaverse counterparts | SM Entertainment

With groups like aespa and SUPERKIND which have human and AI members, fans are still able to meet and interact with them.

Netizens have raised concerns about how people will connect with a fully AI group when you take away a lot of what makes the K-Pop fan experience so unique.

| @idolissue/Instagram
  • “Do they really think there’s a demand for this?… They really have no sense”
  • “Would there be a reason to become a fan..??”
  • “How do they get paid…?”
  • “Even if you become a fan and buy their albums, you won’t be able to go see them at a fan signing or hear them live at a concert. You’d just be watching an electric billboard.”

Netizens will be able to learn more about the group on January 25 at 6 PM EST, when their first single album is released. In the meantime, check out their logo teaser below!

Source: Instagram