A Concerning Styling Error Of IVE’s Gaeul At The Fact Music Awards Draws Criticism From Fans

She handled it well but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

The Fact Music Awards 2022 just got wrapped on October 8, KST, and IVE were among the many artists that graced the red carpet event with their stunning visuals. But one member in particular became the center of discussion during the segment for a very unexpected reason.

Gaeul attended the red carpet in a beautiful black dress, matching the rest of her members. But it was her shoes that caught the attention of fans. In a clip where IVE were walking off the red carpet after their interview, Gaeul can be seen wearing stilettos that are visibly much bigger than her actual size.

Some fans were immediately angered with the group’s stylist for being unable to take care of such a basic detail like right-fitting shoes for the member.

Others were also worried about Gaeul since she was evidently struggling to walk in such high heels that were at least 3 sizes bigger.

Even non-fans felt that this was a very unprofessional behavior done on the stylist’s part for not only compromising their work quality but also exposing the artist to possible injuries right before an award show performance.

Props to Gaeul for handling the situation like a real pro!


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