A Contestant From “The Unit” Has Already Collapsed From Being Overworked

A contestant from KBS’s The Unit collapsed during an event in Korea and fans are speculating about the hectic schedule that might have caused it.

Seol Hayoon, a trot singer participating in The Unit as a contestant, was rushed to the hospital when she fainted before an event due to exhaustion.

The Unit is an idol rebooting project, giving forgotten idols one last chance to be in a unit that is picked by the viewers.

Given the purpose of the program, many of the contestants are extremely desperate to showcase their talents, possibly one last time.

“In the interview, a lot of the participants claim it’s their last chance. I get touched and also feel responsible when I see these participants with desperateness, strong passion, and motivation for their dreams.”

Park Ji Young, Producer on The Unit

Fans believe the busy filming schedule from the show and Seol Hayoon’s ambition to prove her talents to the world contributed to her collapse.

Source: Naver

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