Controversial Singer From “Superstar K” Opens Up About His Struggles With Bipolar Disorder

He had to be forcibly admitted in a mental hospital.

Do Dae Yoon, most famous as a part of the duo Two Months, recently opened up about his struggle with mental health.

Do Dae Yoon | @daey00n/Instagram

On September 8, the singer appeared on a YouTube channel interviewing celebrities who have stayed away from the public eye for a long time. Do Dae Yoon, also known as Denny Do, rose to fame in 2011 when he participated in Mnet‘s Superstar K along with Kim Yerim. The duo went by the name Two Months. Their vocal performances impressed the public so well that they won third place in the competition.

Kim Yerim (left) with Do Dae Yoon (right) | Korea JoongAng Daily

Despite gaining significant love and attention, Do Dae Yoon’s career came to a halt due to his undisclosed personal circumstances. The duo was scheduled to make their comeback in 2013, but Do returned to the U.S. to finish his schooling, and Two Months went on a temporary hiatus. Kim Yerim later made her solo debut.

Kim Yerim aka Lim Kim | Korea JoongAng Daily

After a decade of his career break, Do Dae Yoon has finally opened up about what transpired in 2012 that put a pause on his rising fame. The singer explained that he was suffering psychologically at that time, and his family members had to intervene by tricking him into getting admitted to a mental hospital to help his severe bipolar disorder.

After getting hospitalized, Do was heavily medicated for two months. He revealed that every day, he would have to take five different pills, and the nurses kept him under strict supervision, monitoring his every movement. The singer added that he found solace in sleep and believes that it contributed greatly to his gradual recovery.


Do Dae Yon shared that he gained a significant amount of weight during his time in the mental hospital. He went from weighing 62 kg to 85 kg by the time he was released. The singer confessed that his symptoms started showing right after Superstar K. During that time, he got embroiled in multiple controversies. He was criticized by the public after photos of him clubbing at a young age surfaced right after Superstar K.

The “controversies” surrounding Do kept piling on afterward regarding some of his social media comments. He even faced backlash after defending f(x)‘s Sulli under one of her selfies that was deemed controversial back then.

Do Dae Yoon: Why is everyone making a fuss?

Though he still regularly visits psychiatrists, Do shared that he is doing much better now. Do Dae Yoon’s unexpected honesty about his condition has won the hearts of netizens. The singer stated that his aim is to create a platform or an offline space where people like him can seek help without the prejudice that often comes with mental health issues.

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