MBC’s “Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell ” Apologizes For Airing Disturbing Stepfather Episode

The TV show apologized for airing the disturbing episode.

The controversial television show Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell apologized after airing a disturbing segment in which it shows a stepfather harassing his stepdaughter.


On December 21, MBC‘s Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell released a statement in which it apologized for the segment. The full statement is below.

Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell would like to apologize for the episode which aired on December 19.

We apologize to the many viewers who were concerned for the daughter in the December 19 episode of Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell’s “Go-stop CouplesegmentAlthough we should’ve released a statement as soon as the controversy surfaced, we took time to consider our guest’s positions on the matter. In this process, we also had to take steps to prevent the video from re-circulating and hurting the guests further, and for that, we ask for your understanding.

The “Go-stop Couple” segment was produced with the intention of showing a mother who gets re-married to a man who is willing to love her scars from her previous divorce and to pinpoint the reason for some of the issues that arise when the man and the mother’s daughter from a previous marriage become family and help find the family a solution.

The mother had already called the police on her husband for child abuse, and the husband couldn’t agree with his wife’s actions which led to a deeper disagreement. To this, the production staff closely monitored the family and, through expert analysis, tried to advise the family on ‘Who’ should change ‘How.’

But in this process, the production team focused too heavily on analyzing the family and didn’t consider the concerns the footage might cause audiences. After receiving criticism for the episode, we felt we didn’t have any excuses. We would like to once again apologize for not considering the child and concerning many viewers.

Furthermore, we and Dr. Oh will continue to support this family and the child, even after the broadcast. We will be aware of the possibility that the child develops psychological difficulties and  provide professional examinations and care to the child.

Dr. Oh chastised the husband’s actions and criticized his behavior throughout the five-hour-long recording. However, this was edited  to make it seems that Dr. Oh and the panelists were understanding of the husband. This, too, is our fault. From now on, we will do our best so that the actual mood on set is delivered to audiences truthfully in future episodes.

Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell’s is doing its best to help save marriages who voluntarily share their difficulties with us. Through this incident, we’ve realized that the sensitivity and truthfulness of the final product are just as important as its intentions, no matter how good they are. We will focus on adding happiness to the families who entrust us to film their daily lives as well, as make a program that our audiences can agree with. Thank you.


Earlier, we reported on the show’s decision to air disturbing footage showing a stepfather harassing his stepdaughter against her wishes. The footage showed the stepfather hugging and touching his stepdaughter despite the fact his stepdaughter made it clear that she was uncomfortable with this.

Netizens Enraged After Korean Stepfather Is Broadcast Harassing His Stepdaughter

Backlash from the episode was immediate as fans criticized the child’s parents for their actions and the show for airing the segment.Following the online backlash, the clips from the episode containing the interaction have been deleted from MBC’s YouTube channel.

Source: wikitree
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