Controversy Erupts As Viral Contestant On Upcoming Dating Show Is Alleged To Have Had A Boyfriend While Filming — Show Responds

“I saw her Instagram Q&A where she revealed that she had a boyfriend…”

A contestant on the upcoming season of Heart Signal is alleged to have had a boyfriend during the time of the show’s filming.

Heart Signal 4 | Channel A

Recently, Heart Signal uploaded a teaser for its upcoming fourth season.

In the comments section of the video, several comments alleged that one month prior to the filming of the show, one of the contestants had revealed she had a boyfriend who was a doctor on her Instagram account.

| @channelA-heartsignal/YouTube
  • “She (contestant) uploaded a post in February revealing she had gone to Japan with her doctor boyfriend, who she had dated for over 500 days… When did filming start? Are you sure she filmed after breaking up?”
  • “I mean, shouldn’t the contestants be more careful if they are going to appear in the broadcast? I saw her Instagram Q&A in which she revealed that she had a boyfriend whom she had dated for a long time, and that prevents me from being immersed in the show. Regardless if she’s appearing for fame and the show is scripted, the contestant has no consideration for the staff, writers, and the audiences.”
  • “When did filming for this start? I had followed the contestant, but about two months ago, she had traveled with her long-term boyfriend. What is this? Even if she is appearing for fame, she’s ruined the viewing experience for audiences. She even deleted her account for this, LOL.”
  • “That’s what I am saying. If she is appearing on this show, she shouldn’t have uploaded the Instagram story. It ruined my viewing experience. I saw the Q&A, too, in which she responded to someone’s question by stating that she had a long-term boyfriend.”

The contestant in question previously went viral for her beauty, with many expressing surprise that the influencer was appearing on the dating show.

“Why Hasn’t She Debuted Yet?” Upcoming Dating Show Contestant Is Already Going Viral For Her Amazing “Idol” Visuals

The show has since addressed the allegation and told the media outlet Sports Seoul that they are currently verifying the rumors.

We are currently verifying the allegations surrounding the contestant. We will release a statement as soon as the facts are verified.

— Heart Signal

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree
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