Another Ex-Manager Comes To Lee Soon Jae’s Defense In Light Of His “Servant Boy” Controversy

“I heard he asked his current manager for personal favors, and I think that might be my fault.”

In light of actor Lee Soon Jae‘s recent controversy following an ex-manager’s claim that he was treated like a servant before he was fired after 2 months, another ex-manager came to the actor’s defense through a post on social media.

Lee Soon Jae’s former manager, Mr. Baek worked for Lee Soon Jae for a year and six months, and he expressed that he wanted to share his side of the story as he believes that he was the manager that proceeded the one who expressed his complaints against Lee Soon Jae on SBS‘s 8 O’Clock News.

A summary of Mr. Baek’s story reads as follows:

While working for Mr. Lee Soon Jae, I gained valuable experience and learned a great deal.

Since it’s just the two of them who are of older age, they required help in a lot of ways. They didn’t know how to make internet orders, so I did it for them and they gave me cash in return. And I definitely delivered heavy things for them like water bottles. It’s also true that I threw out their garbage on my way in and out from time to time.

But I don’t think of it as exploitation of labor. As a young man, I wanted to help the two elders with everything I could.

And Mr. Lee Soon Jae isn’t someone who would treat anyone like a servant or treat them unfairly. He might not express himself well, but he tries not to inconvenience others, and he tried to set an example. I’m writing this in the middle of the night in hopes that people don’t get the wrong idea after watching the news. He’s a really good person.

I heard he asked his current manager for personal favors, and I think that might be my fault. I told him to let me know if he needed anything, and perhaps that’s why he asked the other manager.

– Mr. Baek

Ahead of Mr. Baek’s post, an ex-manager appeared on the 8 O’Clock News to accuse Lee Soon Jae of doing all sorts of small chores for him like taking out the garbage and delivering water bottles before getting fired 2 months later.

The ex-manager also claimed that aside from being treated like a servant, he was called “stupid” and “dumb” by Lee Soon Jae’s wife.

Furthermore, he claimed that all that he was paid was 1.8 million won (~$1,500 USD) a month when he worked an average of 55 hours a week.

A representative of Lee Soon Jae’s agency stated that the report was biased and that they’re in the process of preparing a formal report of their stance on the matter.

Source: Insight