“Corpse In the Closet” — An Ongoing Case Involving Murder Of A Taxi Driver And Disappearance Of The Suspect’s Ex-Girlfriend

This could become a serial murder case.

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The suspect has admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend, and the police are searching for her body as of December 27 at 2:30 PM KST.

The ex-girlfriend of a man in his 30s, Mr. A, has gone missing following the arrest of Mr. A for killing a taxi driver, Mr. B, and hiding the body in a closet.

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Mr. A was previously involved in a car accident with Mr. B while drunk driving on December 20 at around 11 PM KST. Mr. A told Mr. B, “If you don’t call the police, I will give you enough settlement money and repair costs.”

Mr. A then brought Mr. B, a man in his 60s, to a house, believed to be in the name of his ex-girlfriend, to give him settlement money. However, the two got into an argument, and Mr. A allegedly killed the taxi driver with a blunt weapon and hid the body in a closet. Although a crime tool with bloodstains was found in the house, Mr. A is claiming that it was an accident.

Mr. A is currently under an arrest warrant for charges including murder and concealment of a body, and a warrant review is scheduled to be held on December 28 at the Goyang Branch of the Uijeongbu District Court.

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Before being discovered, Mr. A tried to cover up the crime by sending KakaoTalk messages such as “I’m busy” and “I don’t have batteries” to family members who were looking for his whereabouts.

Mr. B’s child, who was suspicious, filed a missing person report to the police at 3:35 AM KST on December 25.

My father hasn’t come home for several days, and I made a KakaoTalk call 30 minutes ago, but he refused the call, so it seems like [the messages are from] someone else.

— Mr. B’s child

Mr. A’s crime was discovered when his girlfriend found the body in the closet and reported it to the police on December 25 at 11:20 AM KST. As the missing taxi driver and the body found were confirmed to be the same person, the police arrested Mr. A at a hospital in Ilsan at 12:10 PM KST the same day. At the time of arrest, it was reported that Mr. A injured his hand while fighting with his friends and was receiving treatment.

Currently, the Gyeonggi Ilsan Eastern Police Station is tracking the whereabouts of the ex-girlfriend, whom Mr. A broke up with a few months ago, as they believe the crime took place at this woman’s house.

Netizens were shocked at the news as they felt that this case could turn into a serial killer case.

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  • “So freaking scary.”
  • “I feel like there could be more….”
  • “What is up with this guy? Kills a taxi driver, ex-girlfriend goes missing, ends up at hospital due to fighting?”
  • “Ah so scary!”
  • “This is crazy..feels like he’s filming a movie by himself.”

The police also found that Mr. A used a credit card in the name of Mr. B after the crime, and are focusing their investigation on the circumstances and motive of the crime.

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