Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung Will Be Making Her Acting Debut In The Upcoming Drama “Love Revolution”

Dayoung will join Park Jihoon, Lee Ruby, and THE BOYZ’s Younghoon for the drama:

After Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN) made their highly-anticipated comeback with their 8th mini-album Neverland on June 9, fans received the amazing news that Dayoung would be making her debut as an actress in the upcoming digital original series Love Revolution!

A few days ago, Park Jihoon, Lee Ruby, and THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon were each confirmed to be starring in the drama series from Kakao M. While the drama has already drawn lots of attention with the talented lineup, another talented star was just confirmed for the cast!

On June 9, King Kong by Starship Entertainment confirmed that Dayoung would be joining the cast of the drama as Oh Ah Ram, the best friend of Lee Ruby’s character Wang Ja Rim.

Oh Ah Ram is a popular girl who is athletic and has a unique and easy-going personality. As Oh Ah Ram’s personality is said to be much like Dayoung’s own personality, excitement over her role has been amping up even further.

Love Revolution, meanwhile, is a drama adaptation of the hit webtoon of the same name by author 232. The story follows the lovable Gong Joo Young (played by Park Jihoon) as he determinedly tries to win the heart of his crush, Wang Ja Rim (played by Lee Ruby). Love Revolution has already begun filming and is expected to air later in the year.

Source: SpotTV

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