Cosmic Girls’ Exy Reveals The 8 Essentials That She Carries With Her During Promotions

Take a look at what they are!

In their behind-the-scenes video for their first performance of “Unnatural,” Cosmic GirlsExy shared which essentials she carries around with her during their promotional periods. Take a look at what they are!

She started by cutely showing off her makeup pouch and going through its contents first.

1. Medicine case

The first thing she revealed was a medicine case with vitamins.

“I never carried this with me before, but now, I can’t live without it,” she said. “It’s a must-have item for me.”

2. Red ginseng

Then, red ginseng to stay healthy!

“I can feel the difference when I take it and when I don’t,” she said.

3. Stress-relieving oils

“[Stress-relieving oil] is one of the most satisfying products that I bought by myself recently,” she said. “I recommend it to those of you who have sore muscles and who have frequent headaches!”

4. Perfume

The next thing she revealed is a highly-demanded product!

“A lot of you are curious about the perfume I use nowadays,” she said as she showed it to the camera. “A good scent completes the day!”

5. Pumpkin, burdock, and buckwheat tea

She says it helps her with swelling!

“I never experienced swelling before, so I would rather eat something before I go to sleep and stuff, you know?” she explained. “But people keep changing. Your body type changes…”

6. Yoga rings

“I paid for these as well,” she said. “I’m very satisfied with these.”

7. Contact lenses

A crucial part of her stage outfit!

“These complete the sexy and mysterious charismatic eyes for ‘Unnatural’.”

8. Tumbler

Last but not least, Exy carries around a tumbler. She knows the importance of staying hydrated!

“It’s actually not easy to carry a tumbler with you everywhere,” she said. “But I can’t live without this guy anymore!”

You can check out the music video for Cosmic Girl’s latest title track, “Unnatural,” below!

Source: YouTube

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