Cosmic Girls revealed to have begged CEO for more food

Cosmic Girls aren’t asking for much, they have just this one request for their CEO.

Cosmic Girls finally made their debut this year and are preparing for another comeback on January 5th. Now that I.O.I is coming to an end they will have all their members and be able to show their best performances.

Similar to many rookie groups and even some veterans, Cosmic Girls has faced a lot of hardships getting started. Like any other group they share everything, but as a big group it is that much harder because they get the same amount but split it between more people than smaller groups.

During their recent cameo on Knowing Brother, the MC asked Cosmic Girls to make a request video for their CEO. They shared that they are not expecting a lot. All they asked for was regular meals. A basic human necessity that many idols don’t have the luxury of receiving. Artists like SEVENTEEN and After School have also expressed their difficulties with feeding everyone on their limited budget.

With hard schedules, the pressure of maintaining a slim figure and low funds it is often difficult for idols to take care of their health. Cosmic Girls clearly understand their job is a difficult one and don’t complain about many things. Their one request was to be able to schedule regular moments to stop and eat.

Watch their appearance on Knowing Brother below! The request begins at 30:45.