WJSN To Debut New Unit Group, CHOCOME

We can’t wait!

WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls, are set to make a debut as a unit group in October. Starship Entertainment announced plans for the group, to be named CHOCOME.

CHOCOME will be debuting with the song “Hmph!” as teased in their coming soon poster. Upon a closer look, the poster contains the silhouettes of four members wearing huge bows, perhaps a spoiler to their stage outfits.

“Hmph!” will be released as a single album on 7 October 2020, their first return to the stage in 4 months since their release of “BUTTERFLY” in June. “BUTTERFLY” won them 2 crowns, and saw good performances on the charts, raising expectations for the unit group as well.

WJSN consists of 13 members, Seola, Xuanyi, Bona, Exy, Soobin, Luda, Dawon, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Meiqi, Yeoreum, Dayoung and Yeonjung. The Chinese members are currently occupied with other promotions and have not joined the group’s last few comebacks.

As more information will be released over the week about CHOCOME, stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the music video for “BUTTERFLY” below.

Source: Chosun

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)