Cosmic Girls Unveil “HIDDEN FILM” With A Secret Message For Their Upcoming Comeback

What could this mean?

Cosmic Girls‘ comeback is right around the corner–and they’ve got some surprises in store for us!

In preparation for the comeback, the group released a “HIDDEN FILM” video, teasing the title track “Unnatural” and a secret message.

The video features individual shots of the 10 members participating in this comeback, with quick flashes of letters and words in between.

The flashes are so quick that it’s impossible to read them without pausing, but patient fans managed to crack the code and figure out the secret message.

The letters spell out the name of the album and title track, “Unnatural.” Fans are speculating that the words associated could be lyrics to the song.

Thankfully fans won’t have to wait long to get answers! Their new album, UNNATURAL, will be released on March 31.


Source: YouTube

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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