WJSN’s EXY, SeolA, Bona & Eunseo Will Reportedly Debut As A Subunit

Get ready to stan!

In a new exclusive, OSEN reports that WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) will debut a new subunit featuring EXYSeolABona, and Eunseo.

Back in October last year, WJSN’s first unit group—WJSN CHOCOME—was revealed to fans. Comprising LudaSoobinDayoung, and Yeoreum, WJSN CHOCOME debuted with “Hmph!”, a vintage disco-pop track that showed off the members’ adorable and youthful charms.

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Now, it seems a second subunit could already be on its way. OSEN reports an exclusive announcement that four more members will be making their debut as WJSN’s next unit.

Currently unnamed, the unit is said to consist of WJSN’s leader and main rapper EXY,

lead vocalist SeolA,

lead dancer and visual Bona,

and vocalist and rapper Eunseo.

In complete contrast to WJSN CHOCOME’s bright smile, these four members are expected to show off a sexy, mature, or powerful image together.

According to the report, this new subunit is expected to debut in the early summer—likely sometime around June or July. If the rumors are true, these four stars will be hard at work on the heels of the group’s latest hit song, “Unnatural”, release at the end of March.

Source: OSEN