These YouTubers Had The Most Wholesome Reaction To Seeing BTS’s Suga And J-Hope Watching Their Cat Video

They couldn’t believe it!

Can you imagine your favorite idol checking out your social media? Well, some ARMY can relate.

In episode 151 of Run BTS!, BTS enjoyed a staycation at the Josun Palace Hotel. Most members took it easy, watching Netflix. Suga watched some basketball, then turned to cat videos.

Suga in “Run BTS!” | BTS/VLIVE

He found the video of a kitten being rescued as “healing.” Who doesn’t love cat videos after all? They instantly put a smile on your face.

| BTS/Weverse

J-Hope even came in to join him, revealing that he had watched the video before. He even imitated the cat’s hissing!


Especially since one of Suga’s nicknames in the fandom is “Lil Meow Meow,” ARMY loved this moment from the episode. This clip alone went viral on social media as ARMY even identified which video he was watching.

So, of course, the creator of the video ended up finding out about it. And when they saw the clip of Suga watching their video, they couldn’t help but freak out, understandably so.

YouTube channel Country Story of City Couple shares their countryside life with viewers. They also have lots of wholesome videos of animals, including one of their most popular videos, “rescued a kitten,” which Suga was seen watching during Run BTS!. It has nearly 4 million views!

The people behind Country Story of City Couple realized from J-Hope that the members had even continued watching their channel beyond just their rescue video too! Suga and J-Hope had started talking about the kitten and its inability to walk. So, it sounds like they might have fans in BTS!

You can watch their full reaction below:

Source: Country Story of City Couple