Here Are 20+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 151 That You Need To See

This episode made us very hungry!

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BTS got to enjoy their “staycation” in the latest episode of Run BTS!, continuing their adventures at Josun Palace Hotel from the previous episode. They all had a good time communicating via Zoom, ordering room service, and binge-watching Netflix.

So, here are 20+ moments from episode 151 that you need to see.

1. J-Hope is all of us while watching episode 131 of Run BTS!

2. Lil Meow Meow watching cat videos

3. When V went to the beach

4. Low-key an EatJin episode

5. EatJin featuring Jimin

6. When V tried to eat soup with chopsticks

7. Jungkook living the dream

8. When Jimin became a giant car-eating monster

9. When Jin suddenly offered RM money

10. V just being boyfriend material

11. Suga looking at Jin fondly

12. When Jimin proved he’s a gymnast

13. When Suga said no to capitalism

14. When they crowded into one of the smallest rooms to play games

15. When J-Hope teased Jimin

16. When Jin multi-tasked eating and working out

17. Saga of Suga taking “In The SOOP” to the next level

18. When Jungkook shared his food with V

19. When Suga and Jin recognized their director’s voice when placing their orders on the phone

20. When Suga fell asleep

21. This accurate caption

22. J-Hope and V going to Jungkook’s room just to see his food

Source: BTS