15 Of The Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS Getting Wet And Wild In “Run BTS!”

This episode was the boost of serotonin we all needed right now.

Episode 131 of Run BTS! had the members getting both wet and wild as they had to compete against each other in a pool. While the episode was hilarious on its own, ARMY’s memes and reactions to it have kept the laughter going even after it ended. Here are 15 of the best tweet reactions to the episode!

1. Imagine pitching this episode in a business meeting.

2. At least the water helped cover up his tears. 😅

3. A lost wet puppy. 🥺

4. Have no fear; Jin is here!

5. This show is truly a light amongst the darkness.

6. Uh… when the editors did this. 😳

7. The editors been straight-up wildin’.

8. A truly historic episode of Run BTS!

9. Fact: stanning BTS is good for your health.

10. Confirmation that Jimin should have been cast as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.

11. The leader has had ENOUGH.

12. Jin is all of us while watching this episode.

13. We knew what we were getting into…

14. Not just the funniest episode of Run BTS!, the funniest episode of any show period.

15. A summary of our reactions.