Court grants Polaris Entertainment’s motion to delay recent court date

Polaris Entertainment has requested to delay their upcoming court date in their ongoing legal battle with actress and model Clara.

At 2:45PM KST of April 8th, the Seoul Central District Court was scheduled hear the defense’s side on the claims brought by Clara against her entertainment label, Polaris. However, the court granted Polaris’s motion for a delay, which was filed on the 7th, and the court date has been moved to a later one.

Last June, Clara entered Polaris with an exclusive contract with the agency. However, she accused CEO Lee Gyu Tae of sexual harassment, and filed a lawsuit against Polaris in order to nullify her exclusive contract. Following, Polaris has filed a lawsuit against Clara for defamation and blackmailing as well.

Meanwhile, Clara is on a complete hiatus from the entertainment industry. Recently, she has successfully resolved issues with advertisements agencies and brands by avoiding further lawsuits.

Source: Osen