Court Reveals The 12 “Produce 101” Series Trainees Who Were Unfairly Eliminated By Ahn Joon Young’s Manipulation

Here are the 12 trainees who were unfairly kicked out.

The Seoul High Court has revealed the 12 trainees who participated in Produce 101 series and were unfairly eliminated by Ahn Joon Young‘s vote manipulation.

During the trial held today, the Seoul High Court held another session to determine what punishments Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum should receive. Currently, they are charged with fraud and obstruction of business by manipulating the results of the paid text voting in favor of certain trainees.

Although compensation is important for the victims who were unfairly eliminated, we believed that disclosing the list of affected trainees would be the start of their healing efforts, restoration of fairness, and the best way to reveal the truth.

The trainees who benefit from the manipulation will not be revealed, as they were unaware of the manipulation and can also be seen as victims.

The list of trainees eliminated by Ahn Joon Young PD and Kim Yong Bum CP, along with when their results were manipulated, is as follows:

— Seoul High Court

Produce 101 Season 1

Eliminations Round 1: Mystic Entertainment’s Kim Suhyun

Eliminations Round 1: SS Entertainment’s Seo Hyelin

Produce 101 Season 2

Eliminations Round 1: The Vibe Label’s Seong Hyunwoo

Eliminations Round 4 (Final): Pledis Entertainment’s Kang Dongho

Produce 48

Eliminations Round 4 (Finals): Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Gaeun

Eliminations Round 4 (Finals): Cube Entertainment’s Han Chowon

Lee Gaeun was originally 5th place prior to her ranking being manipulated, while Han Chowon was 6th place. Both were originally slated to make it into the IZ*ONE lineup.

Produce X 101

Eliminations Round 1: ESteem’s Timothée Anzardi

Eliminations Round 3: Music Works’ Kim Kookheon

Eliminations Round 3: Maroo Entertainment’s Lee Jinwoo

Eliminations Round 4 (finals): Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo

Eliminations Round 4 (finals): TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk

Eliminations Round 4 (finals): C9 Entertainment’s Keum Donghyun

Koo Jungmo was 6th place prior to his ranking being manipulated. Lee Jinhyuk was 7th place, and Keum Donghyun was 8th place. All three were originally slated to make it into the X1 lineup.

For their roles in the manipulation, Ahn Joon Young was sentenced to two years in prison and fined ₩37 million KRW ($33,434 USD) while Kim Yong Bum was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Source: Mydaily and FN News