The Infamous 31st COVID-19 Case From “Shincheonji Cult” Claims Her Behavior Saved Many Lives

She claims many lives were spared all thanks to her.

The infamous 31st COVID-19 case in Korea, also known as the 1st case in the Shincheonji “cult” that led to the massive spread of the virus all around the country claimed that she’s being framed and that many lives were spared because of her.

In an interview on JTBC’s Spotlight, the 61-year-old believer of the Shincheonji “cult”, who is said to have spread the virus by attending church, expressed her feelings regarding her situation in a way that confused many.

Whether I’m being framed or not, what I’m relieved about is the fact that many lives were spared because of what I did.

– 31st Victim of COVID-19 in Korea

But this victim’s claim about her role in the spread is not inconsistent with Shincheonji’s overall outlook on the situation.

Ahead of his interview, a representative of Shincheonji stated, “Shincheonji is the biggest victim of the coronavirus. Please stop the hatred and criticism targeted at Shincheonji.

As a result of the 31st victim’s attendance at church following her infection, the number of cases went from 30 to 2022 just 10 days later.

Once it was revealed that 84.5% of the current confirmed cases were related to Shincheonji, they have been receiving harsh criticism from people all around the country.


For that reason, the 31st victim’s recent claim that she “spared many lives” has sparked even more hatred among the citizens of the country.



Source: Dispatch
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