“Crash Course In Romance” Actress Jeon Do Yeon’s Middle School Daughter Has The Most Relatable Reaction To Her Mother’s Kiss Scene

Jeon Do Yeon went viral for her steamy kiss scene in the drama.

Crash Course In Romance actress Jeon Do Yeon revealed how her Middle Schooler daughter reacted to her romance scenes.

Jeon Do Yeon | DongA Ilbo

Recently, the actress met with the press to speak about the show and how she felt about the coming to an end. Crash Course In Romance, during its run, was the most-watched mini-series in all of Korea. The sleeper hit, which began its run with a respectable 4% viewership rating, finished with a whopping 17% rating for its final episode.

In the drama, Jeon Do Yeon plays the owner of a small food store who falls in love with her Middle Schooler niece’s star tutor, played by actor Jung Kyung Ho. Both actors were beloved for their lovable chemistry and made news for their steamy kiss scene.

During the interview, Jeon Do Yeon, who has a Middle School daughter in real life, was asked how her daughter reacted to her kiss scene in the drama.

The actress replied that her daughter understandably was not the biggest fan of her mother’s romantic scenes.

First, my daughter isn’t able to watch scenes with Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho’s character) and me. She said it was unwatchable.

— Jeon Do Yeon

Jeon Do Yeon, who married a car racer in 2007, then revealed that her daughter was once asked by her schoolmates what it felt like to watch your mother kiss another man.

My daughter once told me when she was at school, her friends asked her how she felt about her mother kissing another man. So I told her that the question was the same as asking me how it feels to act.

Meanwhile, Jeon Do Yeon cemented her legendary status with her triumphant return with Crash Course In Romance. The actress will soon greet audiences through the Netflix movie Kill Boksoon. Check out the teaser in the link below!


Source: star news
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