Netizens Voice Negative Reactions To The “Crash Course In Romance” Series Finale After Mixed Opinions On The Storyline

Both Korean and International netizens found flaws in the episode!

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While it isn’t uncommon for K-Dramas to become so popular, tvN‘s recent show Crash Course In Romance quickly captured the hearts of netizens worldwide.

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Throughout the episodes, the whole cast (minus some of the villains) gained attention after portraying beautiful and touching stories that many can relate to.



Of course, it wasn’t surprising that fans worldwide couldn’t hide their admiration for the show. After some “questionable” plots and themes, many loved the return to romance in the finale, which definitely touched the hearts of viewers.

Yet, not everyone had positive thoughts about the finale. An ongoing debate in Korea was on the “Love Line” between Nam Haeng Son’s brother Nam Jae Woo (Oh Eui Sik), and her best friend, Kim Yeong Joo (Lee Bong Ryun).

After the two officially became a couple, the pairing was officially revealed to Nam Haeng Son…

Nam Haeng Son finding out about her brother and best friend dating | tvN

In the closing scenes of the finale, it was revealed that Kim Yeong Joo was pregnant, which happened before the duo’s marriage.

The closing scenes of the finale that gained mixed responses | tvN

Korea is still very traditional with views of marriage and pregnancy, with many believing that someone should be together by law before bringing a child into the world. So, it wasn’t too surprising that Korean netizens had mixed reactions to the scene.

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  • “I mean, do they have to make everyone in the drama a couple for them to be happy?”
  • “What’s this?”
  • “Uh… what is this?”
  • “…?”
  • “What did I just watch?”
  • “What is this?”
  • “What is this? This is such a reach.”
  • “Seriously, what is this?”

While Korean netizens continued to voice their negative opinions on the outcome of the love line, some international fans shared their anger about the lack of story development in the final episodes.

While Nam Hae Yi was in the hospital, netizens were shocked when her real mother came back after ten years in Japan. Despite being away for so long, the mother came back and tried to act as if everything was normal, irritating fans with her character.

Nam Hae Yi’s mother returned from Japan | tvN

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While many thought Hae Yi was doing it to show her mom’s true colors, the theory wasn’t shown through her actions. She seemed genuinely upset when her mom left, with many thinking Hae Yi was going to leave to ensure Nam Haeng Son wouldn’t be manipulated by her older sister.

Although both theories would’ve been excellent, fans shared their anger that the story wasn’t finished or explained properly after the mother left.

The moment Hae Yi got a text saying her mum was leaving, she seemed genuinely sad | tvN 

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When the series ended, netizens were warmed by the final scenes where Hae Yi seemingly cements her love for Nam Haeng Son as her “mom”…

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But many felt cold about the lack of story development and how many missed opportunities they had to really create something special and emotional out of the storyline between Hae Yi, Nam Haeng Son, and the mother.

While it’s normal for viewers to not always agree on how a show ends, it seems like the final few episodes of Crash Course In Romance had fans feeling conflicted. Luckily, most fans could agree that the ending few scenes were perfect, even if the journey might not have been.

You can read more about netizens’ mixed reactions to the show’s final few episodes below.

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