“Crash Course In Romance” Viewers Slam The Latest Episode Over Shocking Plot Twist

“I thought this was supposed to be a healing rom-com…?”

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In the latest Episode 15 of the hit K-Drama Crash Course In Romance, the now-revealed villain Mr. Ji (actor Shin Jae Ha) got cornered after Mr. Choi (actor Jung Kyung Ho) found out about his dark past.

Actor Shin Jae Ha as Mr. Ji in Episode 15. | Sports Chosun via tvN

When confronted, Mr. Ji threw himself off the roof and chose suicide death—a shocking plot twist that left Crash Course viewers speechless.

So this is how it ends… I have nothing more to protect. I’m too tired.

— Character Ji Dong Hui

Following the episode, viewers got vocal about their thoughts: Most online communities saw posts and comments criticizing the scriptwriter for “giving up” on Mr. Ji’s character.

Actor Jung Kyung Ho as Mr. Choi in Episode 15. | tvN

#CrashCourseInRomance WTF, though? Hah… This dude showed no signs of remorse after having killed all those animals and people. And to have his demise be a suicide death? In front of Mr. Choi? What a JOKE.

— @aboutloveknot/Twitter

While the viewers acknowledged the fact that Mr. Ji is a fictional character, the suicide death was still deemed an inappropriate ending…

| theqoo
  • “I’m bummed because it ended in Mr. Ji’s suicide death. LMAO. He could’ve gone to prison, f*ck.”
  • “What a waste of the cast’s amazing acting skills.”
  • “I can’t believe he threw himself off without feeling guilt for what he did. Did the scriptwriter think this is righteous? How come it couldn’t end in Mr. Ji getting arrested?”
  • “WTF? Wasn’t Mr. Ji one of Mr. Choi’s closest people? How is Mr. Choi supposed to accept the fact that Mr. Ji killed other acquaintances and then offed himself? How are we supposed to accept a ‘happy ending’ after this?”
  • “When did this rom-com turn into a thriller…?”
  • “Giving a murderer character a lot of excuses. I’m disappointed in the scriptwriter.”
  • “I’m going to watch the whole thing because I’m invested. But I’m not going to lie, it’s turning into a sh*t show. I’m starting to wonder if the scriptwriter is not well.”
  • “Letting a murderer character go like that… Being inconsiderate to the disabled character, too. Also, f*cking up the development of some of the female characters? At this point, I’m not too sure what the scriptwriter is attempting to tell us. Sucks I decided to watch this series at all.”
  • “What…?”
  • “I wonder if the series got a new scriptwriter mid-show.”

…because Mr. Ji was depicted to have murdered/attempted to murder multiple people, including Mr. Choi’s girlfriend, Ms. Nam, and her daughter, Hae E.

| theqoo
  • “I started laughing at the scene, not because it was hilarious but because I found it so nonsensical. LOL. I kept thinking there must be a plot twist, this can’t be happening… until the cops covered Mr. Ji with the white piece of fabric. I tried hard not to doubt, but the episode slapped the heck out of me.”
  • “The worst K-Drama ever, IMO.”
  • “I’m glad I didn’t keep watching. I quit when the scriptwriter couldn’t seem to develop Mr. Choi’s relationship or Mr. Ji’s past all too well. The plot felt weak, and it looks like I was right to quit.”
  • Sigh. I was falling in love with this series until… It feels like the scriptwriter gave up on the plot. Did the scriptwriter change in the middle of the series? Like, WTF?”
  • “I still don’t understand the reason this whole criminal character had to be included in a rom-com K-Drama.”
  • “I thought this was supposed to be a healing rom-com.”
  • “It was good up to Episode 6. Last night’s episode REALLY let me down.”
  • “Such a sh*t show now, haha. First, it was Reborn Rich. Now, this. I wonder if it’s that difficult to give a series a solid ending. TBH, I thought Reborn Rich was garbage. But this is even worse. I don’t even care how it ends now.”
  • “WHAT WERE THE COPS DOING? Lmao. I think the scriptwriter should take a break from making K-Dramas and work on getting their sh*t together first.”

Crash Course In Romance saw huge spikes in viewer ratings over the earlier episodes. Will the numbers keep up following the unexpected plot twists?

K-Drama “Crash Course In Romance” Hits Its Highest Ratings Ever

The final episode left for the series will tell.

Source: theqoo

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