Netizen Accuses “Crash Landing on You” Lee Shin Young of a Violent Past

The netizen changed his stance in a following post.

A post accusing Crash Landing on You‘s Lee Shin Young of a violent past recently went viral.


The netizen claimed that he went to the same middle school and even uploaded proof that he graduated from that school.

The post starts off with the claim that one of the actors in Crash Landing on You used to be a bully and clarified that he would only list the things that he knows for certain.

The accusations read as follows:

1. During break time, just because someone was staring at him, he kicked his fellow classmate over 3 times and then gathered his other bully friends to use violent language toward him.

2. He gathered his friends in the bathroom, forced a kid to mas*******, and then laughed at him.

3. He gathered his friends in the classroom and ganged up on a kid.

– Netizen 1

The netizen also added that there isn’t a single person in his neighborhood that doesn’t know his name, that he changed his identity after high school, and that his friend was the victim of accusations 2 and 3.

On the other hand, another netizen came to Lee Shin Young’s defense by claiming he was just a typical student in a group of typical guys.

I don’t know where these rumors are coming from.

– Netizen 2

But not long afterward, the first netizen uploaded another post apologizing for his false accusations.

I was only passing by, so I don’t know the details. It’s been a long time since then, so I don’t even remember it correctly.

– Netizen

He continued that he mistook someone for Lee Shin Young and that his memories were distorted.

After retracing my memories again, I don’t think Lee Shin Young was there. He was a similar height with similar stature, so I mistook him for him. I don’t think it was Lee Shin Young who used violence. I didn’t see them talk beforehand, so I saw it wrong. I think my memory was distorted. I regret causing hurt and misunderstanding with uncomfirmed accusations.

– Netizen 1

The second netizen also clarified that they used to be friends in middle school, and although they got into a fight once, they resolved it the next day.

We were friends in the beginning of middle school. It wasn’t a big fight, but we fought over the phone. We had a fist fight at school the next day. But that was it, and we resolved it.

– Netizen 2

Actor Lee Shin Young debuted in 2018 through a web drama and is currently receiving a lot of love for his role in Netflix’s Crash Landing on You.

Following the accusations, his agency, Forest Entertainment announced that the accusations were false and that they would take legal action.

Source: Dispatch