“Crash Landing On You” Writer Reveals How She Was Able To Portray A Realistic Image Of North Korea Despite Never Having Visited

She revealed it all!

The writer of the immensely popular drama Crash Landing On You revealed how she was able to portray North Korea so realistically, despite never having actually visited the place herself!

“Crash Landing On You” | Netflix

Park Ji Eun, the writer of the drama, recently sat down for an interview with tvN, where she opened up about tons of interesting tidbits about Crash Landing On You!

Throughout the run of the drama, one of the things that were brought up a lot was the extremely realistic and engaging portrayal of North Korea, and Park Ji Eun was asked about it in the interview!

The unfamiliar depiction of North Korea sparked curiosity and was deeply engaging, and it was followed by praise from international critics. How was such a precise portrayal of North Korean society possible?

Park Jieun then revealed that it was very hard to write about it as North Korea is a place she’s never been to, and had to rely extensively on in-depth interviews with North Korean defectors!

The hardest thing was that it’s a place that I can’t visit, so I was so curious. That’s why I did a lot of interviews.

—Park Ji Eun

She then touched upon her interviews with the North Korean defectors, highlighting how even though they were describing the same place, they all had different perspectives about it.

They were all North Korean defectors, but their thoughts on North Korea were all different. I tried to take away the common similarities in their responses.

—Park Ji Eun

It was thanks to these interviews that the dialogue in the drama was so highly praised!

Watch her talk about it here!