CRAVITY’s Jungmo Picked A BTS Item To Represent Him The Best, And It Has Certified His Status As ARMY Goals

We are definitely jealous AF!

At the end of last month, CRAVITY’Jungmo gained attention from K-Pop fans after revealing just how much of a BTS fan he is. Yet, it seems as if Jungmo hasn’t only proved that he is a true ARMY but has recently cemented that status with a very special item.

CRAVITY’s Jungmo | @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

The group recently appeared on Naver Now‘s Midnight Idol with MONSTA X‘s I.M. During the broadcast, the members were asked to bring in an item that was most precious to them, or they thought best represent themselves as a person.


Although all of the items meant a lot, Jungmo’s stood out the most because it was a personalized signed MOTS: Persona Album from BTS. On the album, it said, “To. Jungmo!! Hello. This is BTS. Thank you for giving us a lot of support. If you work hard*, good results will come/will find you!! I’ll always support you too. Fighting!! –BTS

When asked about why the album was so important to him, Jungmo continued to cement his status as a true ARMY, revealing just how dedicated a fan he was.

I bought goods, albums, light sticks, and even went to see the concerts. BTS are the ones that made me dream of being a singer. I was able to get this signed album while I was a trainee.

— Jungmo

If it is almost impossible to get a signed album, the fact that it was personalized and addressed to Jungmo was an even bigger flex for ARMYs.

He even added that BTS was like a ray of sunshine for him whenever he was going through a hard time. Jungmo also joked that because of his busy schedule and the amount of content BTS released, he would even sometimes catch up during his lessons.

It got even sweeter as Jungmo was leaving one of his schedules. After the episode was recorded, fans saw Jungmo walking with the album and noticed that he was holding it as if his life depended on it or it was the most precious item in the world, which it probably is to him.

Obviously, it isn’t the first time Jungmo has showcased his inner ARMYs, even after his appearance on MBC FM4U’s radio program Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope. Since debuting, Jungmo has continued to showcase his love for the group and V, even stating that he learns performance skills from him.

There are going to be many ARMYs who are very jealous of Jungmo having a signed CD. However, it is also charming and showcases that idols are still K-Pop fans, no matter how famous or known they become.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: forjungmo