CRAVITY’s Jungmo Confesses He’s Never Dated Or Liked Anyone Before

He’s the softest sweetheart!

CRAVITY‘s Jungmo and Hyeongjun appeared on TMI News where the host grilled Jungmo about his dating life, and they were in for a surprise!

Jun Hyun Moo tried to set him up by casually bringing up the topic of a girlfriend while talking about siblings. When Jungmo explained he was an only child, Hyun Moo added, “But you shouldn’t feel lonely since you have a girlfriend.

And Jungmo’s eyes literally popped out of his eyes!

When Hyun Moo claimed he heard it all from their manager, Jungmo confessed that he’s never dated in his life.

Surprised, Jun Hyun Moo asked if he ever liked someone and Jungmo explained that he’s never had!

I really never have [dated]. I never liked anyone before.

— Jungmo

Watching from the sidelines, Hyeongjun felt bad for Jungmo for being put on the spot as Jungmo’s ears began to glow bright red from the topic of dating.

But how could Jungmo not have dated or liked anyone before? He’s knows exactly how to win the hearts of his fans everywhere!

Here are a couple of stunning boyfriend shots of Jungmo to prove that his “been solo since I was born” claim sounds so ridiculous! He probably had lines of suitors confessing their love to him!

Source: Hankook Ilbo