4th Generation Idol Breaks Staff’s “No Selfie” Rule To Take Photo With A Fan

He took the photo right in front of the staff.

Whether for safety or to avoid any possible scandals, most entertainment companies have a rule that bans K-Pop idols from taking pictures with fans.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun with a fan. | @johnjaethings/Twitter

But that didn’t matter to a member of CRAVITY who broke the rule right in front of their staff.


When a fan held out their phone to ask for a selfie with Jungmo, the group’s staff immediately moved to cover the camera and politely rejected the request. While smiling at the fan, the idol completely ignored the staff.

Jungmo casually took the fan’s phone and snapped a selfie with her—right in front of the staff member.

Jungmo adores LUVITY so much that he’s willing to break the rules to fulfill their wishes.

CRAVITY’s Jungmo
Source: Twitter


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