CRAVITY Talk About Their New Album, How They Overcome Obstacles, And When They Are The Most Passionate

The fans are their biggest source of support and strength.

Rookie Group CRAVITY held a photo shoot and interview with BAZAAR magazine and talked about their latest EP Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into.

Your second mini album was released yesterday. What were your thoughts about the album dropping to the public at 6 PM?

Minhee: I was nervous and excited but I was so focused on thinking about our next showcase that I was really nervous.

Serim: I was excited and excited again.

Seongmin: I felt that the end of waiting was finally here!

Allen: I thought that now our fans will be able to listen to our entire album that we worked hard on. I am so excited that we will be able to see our fans soon. All our members seemed really excited.

Woobin: I was so busy preparing for the showcase (laughs).

Wonjin: This was our first comeback. I can’t express it in words but I could feel what it’s like to do a comeback.

Jungmo: I watched the music video as soon as it hit 6 PM. I was happy because the music video portrayed just how much we worked hard on it.

Taeyoung: All I could think about was what the fans might think about it.

Hyeongjun: After I heard that the music video and album dropped I checked it on my phone right away. I thought I wouldn’t have much thoughts about it but I was actually really nervous. I was really proud and felt really strange.

The title track “Flame” talks about challenging the limits. I’m sure there are times like that for CRAVITY as well. How do you overcome obstacles?

Minhee: I discuss with the members and receive advice from them in order to find a solution.

Serim: I gain strength by thinking of our fans. The love and support from our fans five us a lot of strength!

Seongmin: I give myself a period of rest and relief and tell myself that I can do it.

Allen: When I reach my limit, I believe that I must break through it in order to grow. For instance, there are times when its hard to even move while dancing. I keep myself grounded and put all my energy into it and end up with an even more amazing and stable dance move.

Woobin: I don’t want to be judged by others when I reach my limit. The only way is to push harder.

Wonjin: When I am in a hard situation I say to myself, “If you can’t even do this you won’t be able to do anything that you want!”

Jungmo: I just continue to push myself harder and keep practicing. Our choreography this time is really difficult so I even met up with the choreographer separately to master it because I wanted to show my best for the fans.

Taeyoung: I take a step back and give some time for reflection. I listen to a lot songs during that time  Sometimes the answer is there when you look at the problem from a different perspective.

Hyeongjun: There are times when things just don’t work out. There isn’t anything that you can’t do if you continue to push forward. You need confidence and sometimes a bit of support from those around you during those times. 

When are you the most passionate?

Minhee: I think all the members will probably have similar answers but I think it’s when we are doing what we love.

Serim: When I am on stage and when I am eating.

Seongmin: I wasn’t like this before, but I think I am quite passionate when choosing what to eat (laughs).

Allen: I am the most passionate when I am competitive. I usually edit and revise music or choreography until I am pleased with the outcome.

Woobin: When I am doing what I love the most!

Wonjin: It’s probably when I am doing what I want to do.

Jungmo: I was passionate the whole time we prepared for this album. I am always passionate when it comes to making music to show our fans.

Taeyoung: When I am doing what I love to do!

Hyeongjun: I am passionate when singing, dancing, making content, variety shows, anything that involves my work.

To read the full interview and photo shoot, check out the October issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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