Crayon Pop’s Geummi Reveals She Is Getting Married and Pregnant

Congratulations to Geummi and her fiancé! 

Crayon Pop’s Geummi has revealed that she will be getting married on February 23, and that she is currently pregnant.

Geummi will be holding her wedding on February 23 at a hotel in Seoul.

Her soon to be husband is a businessman who is the same age, 31.

He does business in the United States, and the couple have been together for a long time.

While preparing for their wedding, they also discovered that Geummi is pregnant, and she is currently 10 weeks into her pregnancy.

The couple’s wedding will be held privately in consideration of Geummi’s fiancé being a non-celebrity.

TV Report was also able to exclusively get her pre-wedding pictorial.

Geummi will be the second member of Crayon Pop to get married, following Soyul’s marriage to Moon Hee Jun in 2017.

Congratulations to Geummi and her fiancé!

Source: TV Report