Crayon Pop’s Way Exposes Girl Group Members Who Only Pretend To Be Besties On Camera

“Their relationship was all business.”

On a recent episode of WayLand, Crayon Pop‘s Way shared a story about female idol members who fought like crazy but acted like besties once the cameras turned on.

When one of her viewers asked if she’s ever witnessed a group who maintained business relations, Way confessed that she has.

I have. I heard from a composer that the group’s relationship was all business.

— Way

According to Way, the composer claimed that the members cursed at each other by calling each other “crazy b****” and making remarks such as “Who do you think you are?

But according to the composer, as soon as a camera approached, the members would hug each other and smile brightly.

Way went on to reveal that she met the group in person afterward, and witnessed them fighting.

They were really fighting fiercely.

— Way

Way shared that the girl group has now disbanded and that the truth behind their current relationship is unknown.

They seem to be doing quite well these days. But no one knows if it’s all business, if they’re just like family, or if they’ve gotten close again.

— Way

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight
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