Crayon Pop’s contracts with Chrome Entertainment end, members will join new companies

Even though the members of Crayon Pop will no longer be in the same agency anymore, they insist that the group will not disband.

An exclusive report has detailed the fate of the Crayon Pop members. Following the expiration of their contracts with Chrome Entertainment in March, each of the members will be joining new agencies and explore new endeavors.

It was reported that Choa and Way will be joining an agency geared towards musical actors. It is reported that they are deep into discussions and that the only thing left it to sign the contract. Choa has participated in the musicals Princess Deokhye and Hero while Way was in the musical Love Comes From the Rain.

Chrome Entertainment has since refuted Way’s contract expiration, stating that her contract ends in May. They also confirmed the other member’s contract expirations.

“It is true that the exclusive contracts with Choa, Geummi, Ellin, and Soyul ended in March. We still have an exclusive contract with Way, which ends in May.”

— Chrome Entertainment

Geummi and Ellin are currently preparing to continue their individual activities. Soyul will be taking a break from all activities to focus on her marriage with Moon Hee Jun.

Even though the members will all be in different agencies, they will not disband Crayon Pop since they all want it to continue. They hope to continue into the future like Shinhwa did, where even though each of the members was signed as soloists or actors in different agencies, they were still able to come together and release music as a group.

Source: Sports Donga and Ilgan Sports