This Is The Crazy Amount Of Time It Takes ITZY To Learn Their Choreography Now Vs. Debut

That’s not a very long time!

ITZY have been known for their difficult choreographies and killer dance skills since their debut, with each comeback providing the group a chance to show off more of their talents. During a recent interview, ITZY revealed the insane amount of time it takes them to learn these challenging dances for each new track.

ITZY | ITZY/Facebook

When ITZY debuted with “Dalla Dalla,” fans were impressed at the rookies’ skills with such intricate movements.

Ryujin revealed that early in their career, choreographies like this would take them two weeks to learn.

She explained that a large part of this time from developing a synergy between the members.

I think then, we were not used to memorizing the choreography and second thing is like doing the performance and matching the details with each other so we’d take a very long time.

–– Ryujin

Now that the group has been together for multiple years and five increasingly difficult comebacks, Ryujin revealed that it now takes the group only three days to learn and memorize new choreographies.

After explaining this, Ryujin proudly explained she believed this showed that the group had “improved a lot” to which. Chaeryeong replied enthusiastically, “We improved!”

How long did you expect it would take ITZY to learn such complicated routines? Let us know, and to see their full interview, check out the video below: