Creker Entertainment Releases Update Regarding THE BOYZ Sunwoo’s School Bullying Rumors, Confirming They Are False

He has been cleared of all accusations.

Creker Entertainment has released their updated statement regarding THE BOYZ Sunwoo‘s school bullying rumors, confirming they are false.

In a post made on THE BOYZ’s official fancafe, Creker Entertainment shared that the person accusing Sunwoo of school bullying and dating violence admit that the contents of their post was false.

Hello, this is Creker Entertainment. First of all, we would like to thank the fans who have been cheering for THE BOYZ.

In February, we informed you that we would be proceeding with legal action against the creation and spreading of false information related to THE BOYZ. Regarding this, we would like to inform you of the progress.

First of all, in the case of false information about Sunwoo being spread, we once again confirmed that the post that was spreading online was clearly false. After identifying the original author, we were able to understand the situation of the post that was uploaded then deleted.

When we asked the author of the post to verify the details, the author admitted that their post regarding school violence and dating violence was false. In addition, they delivered their sincere apology for creating their post without thinking about the consequences, and acknowledged their wrongdoings in their apology letter.

At the same time, the author regrets the damage they have caused to Sunwoo, the agency, and the fans. They have promised that something like this will never happen again in the future alongside their apology.

Because the author of the post personally deleted their false post about Sunwoo’s school violence shortly after they posted it and the author delivered a sincere apology and promised to never do something like this again, both Sunwoo and the agency have decided to settle with the author of the post.

This situation aside, we will do our best to protect our artists from false rumors and malicious commenters through methods such as legal action.

After informing you about these policies and legal action, we have continued to collect evidence through our own monitoring and through evidence sent in by the fans.

We have filed a formal legal complaint with the investigative authorities on March 26 through our legal representative. The authorities plan to conduct an investigation into malicious comments based on the evidence we have collected.

We would like to inform you that even after this, we will continue to file additional complaints related to malicious posts through evidence that is collected. Through this process, we will take strong legal action with no settlements.

In the future, we will do our best to protect the rights and interests of our artists, for both THE BOYZ and their fans. In order to eliminate these malicious and thoughtless posts, we ask for the fans to continue reporting them to us.

— Creker Entertainment

Back in February, Sunwoo was accused of sexual harassment, date violence, and school violence by the aforementioned netizen. On the same day, Creker Entertainment released their first statement, vehemently denying Sunwoo’s involvement and claiming the post was false.

Source: MK Sports


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