Crush Reveals He Sold His Luxury Car And Changed The Terms Of His Housing Lease Ahead Of Military Enlistment

He also revealed what will happen to his dog, Doyou.

Crush recently made a radio appearance on SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show where he revealed the preparations he’s been making ahead of his military enlistment.

During the interview, it was revealed that Crush recently sold his car and changed the terms of his housing lease to a “jeonsae”, which is when a tenant pays a big deposit rather than making monthly payments.

And he explained that his upcoming military enlistment was the reason why.

I did those things because I need to minimize my expenses for when I’m in the military.

— Crush

He even went on to share what he plans to do with his adorable doggo, Doyou.

My family agreed to take care of Doyou while I’m gone.

— Crush

| @crush9244/Instagram

Crush recently came out with his new mini-album, “with HER” and is currently busy with related activities.

| @crush9244/Instagram

But he is set to enlist in the military on November 12, which is not that far off.

As such, Crush has been making necessary preparations, but fans will surely miss him while he’s away.

Source: Insight