Netizens Think Crush’s Recent Instagram Story Is All About Girlfriend, Red Velvet’s Joy, And It’s Romantic AF

Brb, feeling very single atm.

Back in 2021, netizens couldn’t hide their happiness when it was revealed that Red Velvet‘s Joy was dating soloist Crush. The duo had always caught the attention of fans for their chemistry. Even back in 2020, when the two first met to record the duet “Mayday,” many saw the instant chemistry.

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Throughout the years, they have treated netizens with some of the cutest interactions.


Even when they confirmed their relationship, they’ve always seemed to be stable and pure. Although the two artists are not as public about their relationship, they’ve always showcased their support for each other.

Even at the end of 2021, Crush showed how much he cares for Joy after liking one of her Instagram pictures. Although it shouldn’t seem odd, in the K-Pop industry, most public couples like to keep things on the down low. Crush’s public display of affection showed just how much he loves her!

Recently, it seems as if Crush might have sent an indirect message to Joy as it comes closer to the one-year anniversary of their relationship announcement.

On July 18 (KST), Crush posted a story on his Instagram quoting Irish poet Oscar Wilde. In his words, the rapper shared a touching quote that has been associated with the poet but, although it hasn’t been confirmed, sent the hearts of netizens racing.

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

— Crush IG post

Although it isn’t confirmed that Crush was directing the words to Joy, many netizens shared that some of the words seemed to make sense when thinking about the duo. In particular, one netizen brought up an old interview Crush did after he duetted with Joy on a track in 2020.

In the interview, Crush couldn’t stop gushing about the idol’s beautiful voice and the quote written seems to embody that.

When the post was shared on Twitter, the image went viral, with thousands of people liking and commenting on the story. For many, even though it didn’t explicitly mention Joy, they couldn’t stop gushing about how it must be talking about the idol.

Others jokingly shared how “jealous” they were about the duo’s relationship, adding that it must be nice to be in love and share cute quotes about your significant other on social media.

Although relationships in K-Pop are normally frowned upon, it seems as if ideas are changing, and netizens are loving seeing idols happy and enjoying their lives. Whether or not it was aimed at Joy, Crush has showcased his romantic side again, and they are definitely #relationshipgoals.

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