Crush Speaks Up About His Dating News With Red Velvet’s Joy In A Letter To Fans

He gushed about Joy.

It was previously confirmed that Red Velvet‘s Joy and soloist Crush were in a relationship. While Joy previously wrote a heartfelt note to fans regarding the news, Crush stepped up on his official fancafe to address his fans as well.

He gushed about Joy and explained what had happened, as well as shared that he was taken aback by the sudden articles.

Our fans, you must have been very surprised.. This is the first time I’m conveying such news so I’m very nervous and tensed.. I will be trying to tell you about the person that appeared in the article..! The number of days where I am smiling has increased due to the positivity and brightness of that person and my heart has also become healthier..!! It was only recently that we confirmed how each other felt, slowly and seriously, and so I had wanted to let you guys know first, at a right time, but somehow an article came out and I’m quite taken aback too… My heart is heavy thinking about my fans that will be even more taken aback at the sudden news and also perhaps even sad about it.. I’ll be grateful if you can look upon us positively with benevolence. I will make sure to take responsibility and show everyone who has always supported me unconditionally and supported me with love, a good side of me..! I’m always grateful and I love you..!!!

— Crush

Here’s to only happy days for the new couple. Congratulations on the relationship!

Source: theqoo